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Another approach to the transregional, European or cross-cultural dimensions of museum objects on site leads to the producers/manufacturers of an object. The possibility of the object being manufactured far from the current exhibition location has already been addressed before with regard to ‘provenance’. How- ever, the reverse is also possible. Thus, an object may as well be manufactured locally, but by the hands of a foreign craftsman or artist in form of commissioned work, for instance, without being closely linked to the respective region. And even if the producer was closely linked to the region he can nevertheless have included various in uences gained through (study) trips, trade fair visits, letters, books or also co-work- ers from other regions, so that he combined the local with transregional in uences.
Even though the topic of transregional networks has already been addressed with regard to ’provenance‘
and the manufacturers of museum objects, it never- theless constitutes its own category of object con- sultation since these transregional networks can be relevant on various levels:  rstly – as already sug- gested – in manufacturing the object and secondly in the distribution and reception of the object at its time, provided it was initiated or organised by transregional networks. Many things that commonly seem to be lo- cal traditions exhibit traces of transregional, European or cross-cultural exchange processes when taking a closer look whereby external in uences – often from long distances – were included and in this way further adapted so that in the end they were understood as local traditions.
The transregional, European dimension of museum objects may be demonstrated also by pointing out that the object can be understood as a part of a large encompassing context, e.g. with regard to the style, the history of ideas or cultural practices. There are many museum objects that can be considered as a local representative of supra-regional or European

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