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The core concept developed and explored by the EMEE project in order to foster a multicultural and transregional understanding of the local, regional, and national cultural heritage at a given location cor- responded to a triple Change of Perspective (COP).
It is based on three tenets:
a) It asks to re-interpret existing museum collec- tions in a multi-perspective, transregional and even cross-cultural way.
b) It takes into account that museums in multicul- tural societies have a social responsibility and pur- pose and that they are supposed to entrust their visitors with a role that involves active participa- tion.
c) It strengthens the interdisciplinary and interna- tional (or interregional) cooperation of the mu- seums in order to encourage a comparative per- spective that goes beyond regional and national views.
For visitors, the COP functions as a ‘school of per- ception,’ i.e. it encourages them to engage with the objects. It illustrates that the visitors themselves are actively involved in constructing the ‘meaning’ of the object. They are supposed not only to detect the mul- ti-layered regional, national, European or global mean- ings of an object, but also to add their own ‘mean- ing’ depending on their social or cultural background. Therefore, the tagline of EMEE is: One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions.
First and foremost, the COP aims for the re-interpre- tation of existing object inventories. In doing so, lo- cally important objects will additionally be situated in a transregional (if applicable European) and crosscul- tural context to make the diversity of the dimensions of meaning become evident. The local perspective reveals the transregional one, which – in turn – is il- lustrated by and tangible in the local view. However, generally the focus is laid on the on-site objects, which can be linked to migration movements, cultural encounters, cultural exchange and aspects of how one sees oneself and the other.

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