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After the theoretical framework had been established and viable exemplary ideas with an interdisciplinary outlook had been developed, the third phase of the project aimed to apply parts of these ideas to a prac- tical context with the help of so-called ‘EuroVision Lab.s’ These EuroVision Lab.s were dedicated to the tagline One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions and were set up in all countries that participated in the project. While some of the Lab. activities had been conceptualized individually by the participating mu- seums according to the COP’s principles, other parts like the EMEE Young Scenographers Contest or the Eurobarometer – while still being part of the Lab. – toured through all participating countries. Towards the end of the third phase of the project, the Lab.’s activi- ties were evaluated and a study module was outlined, which is expected to ensure the implementation of the project’s ideas at university level.
The fourth project phase was all about ensuring and maintaining sustainability. The project’s results were documented in short videos, the present  nal bro- chure was created and dissemination was intensi ed. The last general meeting, which took place in Brus- sels, served as a platform to inform stakeholders, pol- icy makers, representatives of museum associations and European museum experts about the project’s results. More-over, two factors will contribute to the implementation of the EMEE ideas in the long run:
1. The workshops and study module conceptualized
in the course of the project ensure that students as well as museum experts will still be able to en- gage themselves in the EMEE concepts in future.
2. In order to implement the project’s ideas in the long run a network of interested museums and institutions was established. Currently, the net- work consists of 140 partners that employ the concept of Change of Perspective. Their common aim is to add a transregional/ European level to their urban, regional and national perspectives.

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