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Phone: (+43) (0)2732 893-2543
Fax: (+43) (0)2732 893-4551
E-mail: Website:
Main contact person: Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed.
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Academy of Art and Design
Institute for Interior Design and Scenography
The innovative debate with space is at the center of the training at the institute: the exploration and the design of the room which reaches from the plastic appearance and design of furniture and inte- rior rooms through the design of exhibits and sceno- graphic staging through the city or landscape spaces. Correspondingly IN3 stands for a multi-disciplinary course of studies, which includes the areas of archi- tecture, furniture in a spatial context, scenography, performance, installation and event.
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Freilager-Platz 1
4023 Basel
Phone: (+41) 61 228 40 55
Fax: (+41) 61 228 42 78
Main contact person: Prof. Andreas Wenger
University Salzburg
Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production
The ULG MA in Cultural Productionis a 2.5 year
program for further education (90 ECTSs) and is held in English. It is open to domestic and international students. The program is part-time and consists of  ve semesters. Each semester has two blocked ses- sions that are held in Salzburg. The trans-disciplinary curriculum lies at the intersections of art practice, cul- tural and communication studies, and a social science

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