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and services provided by the museum, high-quality promotion activities, continuous education of our em- ployees, establishment of a network of associates, thus ensuring a strong relation between the institu- tion and its users as well as raising awareness about people with special needs and their importance for carrying out our programmes.
The Typhlological Museum is one of the rare special museums in Europe dealing with the prob- lems of disabled persons, especially of the visually impaired. One of the ways out into the world is de - nitely this website, compatible with the new visual identity of the Museum. We plan to further perfect and enrich the webpage by creating a virtual muse- um, alongside the existing traditional one.
Typhlological Museum Zagreb/ Ti ološki muzej Zagreb
Draškovićeva 8
10000 Zagreb
Phone: (+385) 1 4811 102
Fax: (+385) 1 4835 218
E-mail: info@ti Website: http://www.ti
Main contact person: Željka Bosnar Salihagić
Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria
The Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria was established on July 12, 1934 with the aim of bringing together all the deaf people and to make a protection of their rights for work and decent life. With over 80-year history, the Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria is among the old- est non-governmental organizations in the country. Regular member of the World Federation of the Deaf, European Union of the Deaf, the International Com- mittee of the quiet chess and the European Union of the Deaf youth. UDB funded the  rst in Bulgaria Center for early rehabilitation of deaf children up to 3 years of age, who has of ces in Pleven, Varna, Hask- ovo, Stara Zagora. Currently has about 6500 deaf members of UDB, organized in 12 regional organiza- tions of the Deaf in 12 cities. UDB has a long tradition

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