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Technical Museum of Slovenia
The Technical Museum is located in a former Carthu- sian monastery just 20 km from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
Several collections can be seen in the mu- seum: from forestry, woodworking, hunting,  shing and agricultural departments, to textiles, printing, traf-  c and electrical engineering. The attention of most visitors is drawn towards the water-driven elements -the  our mill, blacksmith’s workshop, fulling mill and veneer sawmill. Road vehicle fans aren’t disappointed either. They can admire the oldest surviving car from Slovenia or enjoy the sight of the limousines that once belonged to President Tito, Premier of former Yugoslavia.
Apart from the guided tours visitors can also at- tend several workshops and demonstrations, through which they can truly experience the technical spirit of the past.
The Technical Museum of Slovenia has also three dislocated units: Museum of Post and Telecom- munications in Polhov Gradec, some collections at Bogenšpertk castle and Soteska open-storage depot.
Technical Museum of Slovenia Parmova 33
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: (+386) (0)143 61 606 Fax: (+386) (0)143 61 606 E-mail: Website:
Main contact person: Orest Jarh, Ph. D.
Toy Museum of Catalonia
The Toy Museum of Catalonia was inaugurated in 1982 in the premises of the former Hotel París on- Rambla de Figueres. The Museum’s exhibits include over 4.000 items: animated life forms, Meccano con- structions, miniature theatre sets, cardboard animals and horses, etc. Many of these items are accompa- nied by old photographs of children with their toys, helping us to place them chronologically and see how children played with them. Some of the toys belong to personalities such as Anna Maria and Salvador Dalí,

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