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The Štore Ironworks Museum/ Železarski muzej Štore
The Štore Ironworks Museum has been established relatively recently. The permanent exhibition features the development of Štore and surrounding settle- ments from late 19th century to present day. It fo- cuses on mining and ironworks, two industries which strongly marked the area.
The museum maintains a part of this industrial cultural heritage in the form of documents, photo- graphs, plans and various objects. The collection is chronologically and thematically arranged. Very di- verse materials are presented: plans, photographic evidence of life in Štore, education, cultural and social life, and ironworks production from the beginning of the 20th century onwards. The collection also entails postcards, catalogues and the company’s documen- tation archive. With our museum activity, we are part of the 'Slovenian Trail of Iron Culture', which links sev- eral Slovenian museums connected to ironworks.
The Štore Ironworks Museum/ Železarski muzej Štore
Teharje 11
3211 Teharje
Phone: (+386) 3 425 88 06
Fax: (+386) 3 425 88 08
Main contact person: Slavica Glavan
Targovishte Regional Historical Museum
Public concerns brought about the idea of establish- ing a museum in 1951. Since 1953 there has been a permanent museum exhibition, but the Regional His- tory Museum of Targovishte starts functioning as an independent institution, studying and popularising the history of the region, in 1960. It is a museum of gener- al history with  ve major departments: ‘Archaeology’, ‘Bulgarian history from the  fteenth to the nineteenth

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