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National Liberation Museum Maribor Ulica heroja Tomšiča 5
2000 Maribor
Phone: (+386) 2 23 52 600
E-Mail: Website:
Main contact person: Dr. Aleksandra Berberih-Slana
National Museum of Natural History (So a)
The mission of NMNHS incorporates fundamental and applied studies, management and preservation of collections, promotion of natural-scienti c knowledge through the exposition and popular literature, training of doctorate degree candidates, expert activities.
NMNHS is the only national institution directly engaged with the preservation of scienti c collec- tions of live and non-live nature. The study of biodi- versity, environmental protection and the evolution of organisms are the museum’s major priorities. It develops the following scienti c areas: taxonomy,
faunistics, zoogeography and ecology;  oristics; min- eralogy. Some of the areas have priority as a result of which NMNHS has become the national centre of biospeleology, archaeozoology and palaeontology of vertebrates and of bat studies.
Museum activities for maintenance of the ex- position and its enrichment and the processing of scienti c collections are performed along with the scienti c studies. With this NMNHS is pursuing its educational and promotional mission.
National Museum of Natural History Tsar Osvoboditel 1
1000 So a
Phone: (+359) 2987 41 95
Fax: (+359) 2988 2894
Main contact person: Silvia Tosheva

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