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Museum of Recent History Celje
The mission of the Museum of Recent History Celje is to ensure the permanent and uninterrupted perfor- mance of the public service of preserving, exploring, presenting, exhibiting and popularising the mobile cultural heritage from the  elds of history and ethnol- ogy from the beginning of the 20th century onwards. The museum, in compliance with the rules and goals of the museum profession, houses the mobile cultur- al heritage of Celje and the Celje region and presents it to the widest circle of the public. The  eld of activ- ity connects the recent national and regional history and ethnology with modernity and actuality. This is the basis both for the collecting policy and museum collections as well as for other versatile popularisation activities and the museum’s offer. Special attention is given to younger visitors to the museum, who can take part in pedagogic programmes and activities.
The Celje Museum of Recent History, which has adopted a strategic document regarding its ac- tivity, is at the same time a scienti c research cen- tre and an education institution. By reviving museum items and their stories, the museum sheds light on the past, helps to understand the present and co-cre-
ate the future. It is a place for discovering, learning, socialising and contemplating.
Museum of Recent History Celje Prešernova ulica 17
3000 Celje
Phone: (+386) 3 428 64 10 Fax: (+386) 3 428 64 11 E-Mail: Website:
Main contact person: Tanja Roženbergar
musil – Museum of Industry and Labour
Musil – Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia is dedicated to industry as a social fact and main force of Italy’s modernization. It includes the following centers: — the Museum of Cinema and Cartoons of Rodengo
Saiano, in Franciacorta, including also the open storage of the whole museum system;

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