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Museum of European Cultures – National Museums Berlin
The Museum of European Cultures is concerned with European lifestyles and cultural encounters from the 18th century to the present day and is involved in re- search, collection, conservation, displays and teach- ing. The Museum is the result of the amalgamation in 1999 of the 110-year-old Museum of German Folklore and the European department of the Museum of Eth- nology (est. 1873). With its approx. 280,000 exhibits the Museum boasts one of the largest collections de- voted to daily culture and popular art in Europe.
Museum of European Cultures – National Museums Berlin/
Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Im Winkel 8 14195 Berlin Germany
Phone: (+49) 030 266 42 68 01 Fax: (+49) 030 266 42 68 04 E-mail:
Website: einrichtungen/museum-europaeischer-kulturen/ home.html
Main contact person: Léontine Meijer-van Mensch
Museum of Goriška Region/ Goriški muzej
The seat of the Goriška regional museum is situated at the Renaissance Kromberk Castle near Nova Gor- ica. It houses an art history collection, an archeologi- cal collection a cultural history collection and a perma- nent exhibition of art mainly from the Goriška region. The museum also manages several dislocated col- lections: the Dobrovo Castle hosts a permanent ex- hibition of the works of the painter Zoran Muršič and several temporary exhibitions; Medana holds the Me- morial House of the poet Alojz Gradink; Ajdovščina of- fers exhibitions of fossils and the ancient Ajdovščina; the military watchtower in Vrtojba houses the small- est museum in the world. At the railway station of Nova Gorica it’s a small exhibition of the border in the period 1947-2004.

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