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centuries; from plans, sketches, and models for build- ings to various kinds of furniture, small objects, ap- pliances, posters, various kinds of printed materials, and photographs, constituting a rich history of crea- tive ideas, vision and production. MAO organizes and shares this seemingly unlimited source of inspiration and exploration through its many exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, other diverse events and through its publications. In this unique environment where past, present and a desire to discover the new come together, MAO serves as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and dialogue for and among a wide range of visitors. Its premises are in the Fužine Castle, in the only still preserved Renais- sance castle in Ljubljana.
Museum of Architecture and Design Pot na Fužine 2
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: (+386) (0)1 5484 270 Fax: (+386) 01 540 03 44 E-Mail:
Main contact person: Matevž Čelik
Museum of Art and Cultural History Dortmund
Founded in 1883 the Museum of Art and Cultural His- tory Dortmund was the  rst municipal museum in the Ruhrgebiet. The collection came about solely as a result of public enthusiasm and dedication, the com- mitment of highly motivated city fathers and the  rst museum director Albert Baum of 1883. It rapidly grew too large for the rooms available. In 1983 the museum moved into the converted former headquarters of the city savings bank. The original building, one of the  rst steel and concrete buildings designed by Hugo Steinbach in art-déco style, dates back to 1924. It was modernised between 1997 and 2000 when the exhi- bition underwent a radical facelift in terms of content and presentation.
Because of its particular history the museum offers its visitors many specialist museums under a single roof. Seen overall, the various departments cor- respond harmoniously to form a museum of practical life. Thanks to the form of presentation it combines the characteristics of an art gallery and a ‘Wunderkammer’,

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