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the co-founding municipalities – Trzin and Komenda. The Museum manages also publishing of invitations, posters, brochures, catalogues, different monographs etc. Andragogical and pedagogical activities at the Museum are tailored to visitors of any age and inter- est (children workshops, lectures, guidance). With all its programmes the Museum provides the members of community with experience of discovering our cul- tural heritage and learning about history, art and eve- ryday life, whereas the school groups may variegate and supplement their educational program.
Maison de la Bataille
La Maison de la Bataille is a museum about the Bat- tle of Cassel. The museum stands near Mount Cassel (7 km). Its aim is to showcase Flemish culture from France which makes it unique.
1677: The army troops of William III of Orange, stadtholder of the United Provinces, who were get- ting ready to deliver Saint-Omer, were stopped in their tracks by the French garrisons stationed on the strategic site of the Cassel plain.
Maison de la Bataille 200 rue de la Mairie 59670 Noordpeene France
Phone: (+33) 3 28 40 67 36
Fax: (+33) 3 28 43 06 80
E-mail: Website:
Main contact person: Jocelyne Willencourt
Intermunicipal museum of Kamnik/ Medobčinski Muzej Kamnik
Muzejska pot 3
1240 Kamnik
Phone: (+386) 1 8317 647 or (+386) 1 8317 662 E-mail:
Main contact person: Zora Torkar

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