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Main contact person: Professor Silvério Figueiredo
City museum Marktoberdorf
The city museum Marktoberdorf offers visitors in 18 rooms and 380 square meters of exhibition space information illustrated in a clear and comprehensive way to make your museum visit a real experience. Here, history should not be perceived as a dead pe- riod of the past, but as an ongoing, living process. With an illustration of Roman life near the village of Kohlhunden the visitor is introduced to the world of the Alemanni. Following the themes of ‘market rights’ and ‘the period of the Prince-Bishops in Oberdorf’, the emphasis is then on the Elector Clemens Wen- zeslaus, showing his great in uence on the market town around 1800.
More rooms show local developments in the 19th century, with art and religion, theater and music, as well as the impact of war, pestilence and hunger crises. The focus on handcraft and industry goes into
detail about the Fendt tractor factory which has had a great in uence on our town. A separate section is de- voted to women’s work in the 19th century. A collection of historical clothing closes the visit to the museum.
City museum Marktoberdorf Eberle-Kögl-Straße 11
87616 Marktoberdorf Germany
Phone: (+49) 8342 4008 81
Fax: (+49) 8342 4008 65
Main contact person: Josephine Heddergott
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers – Musée des arts et métiers
Established in 1794, under the tutelage of the French ministry for education, the Conservatoire des arts et métiers (CNAM) is a leading institute for Sciences and Technology Teaching and adult training, for RTD

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