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the Maximilianmuseum, the Schaezlerpalais with the German Gallery of Baroque, the Collection of prints and drawings, the Mozart House, the New Gallery at the Höhmann Building as well as the H2-Centre for Contemporary Art in the Glass Palace. All institutions are situated in historic houses protected as historic monuments, which were reshaped as museums.
The Roman Museum offers a profound over- view on Roman history and civilization in the region of Bavarian Swabia. Currently it is hosted by the for- mer Armoury of Augsburg. The Maximilianmuseum is the parent house of the Art Collections and Museums Augsburg. It exhibits world-class arts and crafts as well as sculptures made in Augsburg. In 2007 it was awarded the Bavarian Museums Award.
The Schaezlerpalais houses the municipal collections of paintings and graphics as well as the administration of the Art Collections and Museums Augsburg. Highlight is the Rococo ballroom, which is still conserved in its original condition from 1767.
The Mozart House informs about the music of both father and son Mozart and about their journeys through Europe.
The H2-Center for Contemporary Art in the Glass Palace is Augsburg’s municipal museum for
contemporary art. Exhibitions on current art are also shown in the New Gallery in the Höhmann House.
Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg Maximilianstraße 46
86150 Augsburg
Phone: (+49) 821 324 4106
Website: www.kunstsammlungen-museen.
Main contact person: Dr. Tilo Grabach
Art exprim
Art-exprim is a non-pro t association. Questioning the relationship between work of art, artist, publics and territory, it supports since 15 years art creation, production and distribution, in the public space and within its walls. It defends diversity of artistic lan- guages and mediums. Art-exprim develops, in the public space, active mediation schemes which fa- cilitate a coming-together of publics who reputedly have little access to culture and artists. The asso- ciation provides also a creative laboratory within its

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