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The eight members of the EMEE consortium estab- lish eight workgroups composed of other museums, associations, individual experts and other projects. The members of the workgroups are interested in the whole projects and its results and work closely to- gether with the consortium. The workgroup members bring in their ideas to the project and want to imple- ment or evaluate EMEE (interim) results.
The following institutions are workgroup members:
Archaeology Museum Dijon
The Archaeology Museum in Dijon is one of the best museums in the city. It is home to massive collection of rare artefacts that have been collected from across the region and across the world. There are Celtic piec- es that have been dated as far back as 950 BC as well as weapons, coins and ceramics from Roman times. The oldest part of the museum was built in the 11th Century. The collection is very popular with local peo- ple and visitors, attracting a good crowd throughout the year.
Dijon’s Archaeological museum displays many culturally and historically signi cant artefacts includ- ing Celtic jewellery, items from the Romanesque pe- riod, Gothic items and more. One of the museum’s most prized objects is the bronze representation of the goddess Sequana, which dates back to the 1st century AD.
Dijon Archaeological Museum Rue Docteur Maret
21000 Dijon

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