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This kind of cooperation is focused on the swop of ideas concerning the Europeanization and moderniza- tion of museums. Possible partners are: institutions, associations, individual experts, other projects; mu- seum professionals, educators, scenographers, art- ists, cultural workers or performers, representatives of museum studies or mediating culture, museums associations, etc.
The EMEE project offers to it's partners the possibil- ity to:
—subscribe to the EMEE newsletter information
about EMEE activies and results;
— be presented on the EMEE website with your con-
tact details;
— have your name or logo printed on some EMEE
publications and dissemination materials;
— receive an invitation to the EMEE meetings and workshops and be an active participant (self- -
Acte de Naissance - Galerie L'H du Siège (L'H du Siège Gallery)
Pascal Pesez (Director),
Philippe Bétrancourt (President)
15 rue de l'hôpital de Siège 59300 Valenciennes France
Phone: (+33) 03 27 36 06 61 E-mail:
AHTA (Albania History Teacher Association) 'Youth and History'
Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj
Maliq Muça, Pall. 46; Shk. 1; Ap. 13
1000 Tirana Albania
Phone: (+69) 66 99 693 E-mail:

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