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implement an Exemplary COP-unit for the re-interpre- tation of a museum object from a transregional/Euro- pean perspective or to develop their own unit, to host an EMEE touring exhibition or to launch a participa- tory museum initiative (‘bridging-the-gap’) on behalf of the EMEE project. The other 55 network members were able to bene t from the EMEE workshops and training sessions for museum staff; they contributed to the dissemination process and became involved in discussing project ideas and their implementation. Analyzing the chart shows that the network partners did not only take an active part in the dissemination of the EMEE project, but, more importantly, they con- tributed directly to the implementation of the Lab.s (47), they participated in the workshops on the Tool-
kits (41) and launched initiatives for the acquisition of new visitor groups (25; ‘bridging-the-gap’ activities).
Thus, the network ful lled several important tasks over the project period of four years: It contrib- uted to and facilitated working on the project ideas collaboratively, it strengthened the cooperation be- tween museums and museum-related institutions and it streamlined the dissemination of the EMEE concepts. However, similar importance was given to the evaluation of the experiences that the net- work museums on-site had gained from the EMEE workshops and their own EMEE projects. After all, this made it possible for feedback and suggestions from the network museums to be integrated into the EMEE concept.

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