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The National Museum of Contemporary History is the central national institution for research of the contemporary history of Slovenia from 1914 until today. The historical material covers the periods: World War I, the interwar period (1918-1941), the World War II (1941-1945) the period of socialism (1945-1990) and the period of independent Slovenia (after 1991). The Museum's basic mission is to acquire, document, preserve, research and promote materials related to contemporary Slovenian his- tory. In addition to its exhibitions, the Museum also offers a variety of programmes for both children and adults. It carries out activities in the  eld of culture, education and research, collaborating with various institu- tions, and thus serves as a bridge between the general public and his- torical science. The Museum also serves as a gathering place for groups of all kinds and as a place for dialogue and re ection. It not only answers questions, but it also raises questions and assists visitors in their search for answers, forming a type of partnership in which the Museum serves as a dynamic, innovative and welcoming establishment.
Photos: © National Museum of Contemporary History, Slovenia
National Museum
of Contemporary History Celovška cesta 23
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 300 96 10
or +386 (0)1 300 96 11 or +386 41222297 E-mail:
Website: Main contact person: PhD Kaja Širok

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