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The concept of COP 2, i.e. the Change of Perspective between museum experts and visitors, aims for in- creased ‘activation’ and participation of the audience and also for active involvement of so-called ‘non-vis- itor’ groups. The increased level of ‘Europeanization’ of museums refers here mainly to the improvement of accessibility to the cultural heritage of Europe pre- served in regional and national museums for as many citizens as possible. With this in mind, the EMEE con- cept asks museum experts to share their prerogative of the interpretation of cultural heritage at least par- tially with the audience. Consequently, the goal is not for the interpretation of the audience to replace the curators’ expertise, but rather the aim is for these two perspectives to communicate and for the potentially opposed interpretations of experts and visitor groups to spark an interest in citizens to visit museums and to encourage them to express their own opinion.
The empirical results gained while conducting  eld research indicated, on the one hand, a number of problem areas that have long been known by scholars. To give an example, it became evident that these new ‘participatory’ approaches on the Change of Perspective
between museum and audience are most successful if this goal is accepted and supported by the vast major- ity of the museum staff. In particular, museum develop- ment can be dif cult within big institutions or institu- tions with a more traditional outlook. Furthermore, it must be said that working with a participatory outlook and/or exhibition concepts requires quite a lot of staff development and is also rather time-consuming.
On the other hand, however, and regardless of these challenges, the EuroVision Lab.s of the participat- ing national museums were able to accelerate a fruitful learning process – not necessarily right from the start, but especially during the progress of work and, most importantly, with regard to end results. The EMEE project proved to be a suitable catalyst for the experi- mental application of new approaches: Doubts of the museum staff could be dispelled as the new concept turned out to be feasible and cleared up further as a re- sult of its popularity with the audience and public. Thus, regarding this particular area of the project, our recom- mendation for policy-makers and stakeholders is to pro- vide more support for research studies on conditions and methods of museum development in line with the concept of a ‘learning museum’. In this  eld, more vi- able opportunities for new insights must be created.

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