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The National Museum of History (NMH) is the national treasury of the Republic of Bulgaria, a depository of relics with international importance and one of the largest museums of history on the Balkan Peninsula. The museum discovers, preserves, restores, exhibits and popularises archaeological and historical materials related to Bulgarian history in the context of European heritage for the period between the 5th millennium BC to contemporary time. It preserves more than 650 000 cultural mon- uments and an enormous historical archive. The objects can be linked to seven large European civilisations, which left their mark on the Bulgarian lands (Prehistorical, Ancient Greek, Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgar- ian and Ottoman civilisations).
Photo: © National Museum of History, Bulgaria
National Museum of History
Vitoshko lale str. 16 1618 So a
Phone: +359 (0) 29554290 or +359 (0) 29554280
Website: Main contact person: Petar Stefanov

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