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They loved the way that the objects were put in re- lation and were fascinated by the dialogue between objects from the past and the present.
The interactivity with the tablets was as well very interesting. We notice that not only the younger generations liked but also the adults. People like to touch and explore by themselves. The resources cre- ated for the tablets were different in order to allow visitors to have different kind of information and in- teraction.
The weak points were connected with internet speed. By this reason digital solutions were not very frequently used by visitors. The augmented reality so- lutions and the QR code were rarely seen. When we realized this technical dif culty, we promoted several solutions such as guided visits to show how to use augmented reality (AR).
Another weakness was the little space for the exhibition that we had to manage. This exhibition needed more space to develop more interpretations and allow visitors to make new perspectives of inter- pretation.
13. Replicability of the activity
This exhibition was created to be replicated in several museums. The artifacts chosen can be found in any country in Europe, as well as contemporary objects that represent the evolution of them, for instance, a biface (hand ax) and its corresponding current as the Swiss Army knife, hammer, ax, etc.). After being on display at the National Archaeological Museum, this exhibition will become a travelling exhibition.

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