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—To establish relationships and parallels between the objects that are part of the common European heritage;
—To explore the concept of Change of Perspective (COP), allowing visitors to become co-producers of knowledge;
— To contribute, in an active way, to the construction of the EMEE-'School of perception', under the slo- gan 'We are all European', since Europe is a result of the testimonies of people, who lived here. Herit- age is the most effective way to understand the genesis of what it means to be European.
9. Activities
The EMEE Portuguese team developed a speci c program of activities for this exhibition. There are various types of activities taking into account their speci c goals. So there were activities that took place only one time and recurring activities that were carried out in a way to be repeated according to a de ned schedule.
Photo: © National Museum of Archaeology, Portugal
— 'What is this? See Europe through the objects' Guided tour for young adults in that using the techniques of educational communication, the partici- pants go through a process of learning by discovery,  nding the answers to their questions. At the end should know how to establish links between the ob-
jects’ functions from the past and the present. This guided tour was held on a regular basis

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