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12. Strong and weak points
The strongest point of this experimental game was in fact, in its novelty to the players. None of the par- ticipants had ever played this game before in any of its variations. This was the element that made sure a fair share of adrenaline and enthusiasm was pre- sent at all times. Two groups, who did not know each other before, had a goal-oriented fun together, while bridging-the-gap between them and establishing new friendships. The next thing that helped the event be- come a success was the knowledge this would bring out something greater – an exhibition. Museum cura- tors were very pleased to spend some intense quality time with people, who were on the other side – the ones who came and saw their work and efforts. They were also very pleased, this was a part of a process of empowering the young, reassuring them the expe- riences and knowledge, they could use in the future.
Organizers’ greatest fear was that museum ex- perts would not be in favour of playing the game, nor willing to accept the reinterpretation of the objects as a possibility and recommendation in their future muse- um work. Both turned out to be of no consequence and there were hardly any problems or weak points at all.
However it must be said, this way of implemen- tation of the 'Speed Dating Game' was not the easi- est one. It took time, energy and enthusiasm of the ones organizing it in order to spread this enthusiasm onto the participants and make sure it will succeed. Therefore, the weak point would be time-consuming preparations and the EuroVision Lab. process in total; however, it was worth it.
13. Replicability of the activity
'Museum Speed Dating Game' has endless possibili- ties of variations. There is no need to use it as a tool to gain the object selection, which is  nalized in an exhibition. It can be a  nal goal on its own. A means of object presentation and meeting the museum staff through a fun experience. It is a very well ac- cepted way of museum opening up to the public and can be used as a medium in presenting the museum collections, especially the ones that never or rarely make it to the exhibitions. It can be performed only by one museum or in a cooperation with many – as it was in our case. Of course, it is easier and less time- consuming, to perform it on your own. However, the

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