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Museum experts took their playing seriously, May 2015, Photo: © Gilberto Mazzoli.
came from. Therefore, the work was not over with the end of the game, it rather continued and it connected the former non-visitors with the museum exerts on a new level, where they became co-workers, all aiming to reach the same goal: quality presenting the mu- seum objects, as good and as interesting as possible.
10. Results
The whole preparation process with the  nal 'Speed Dating Game' worked out perfectly for the organ- izer, despite some initial fears and second thoughts. Through this process, they have managed to sow the idea of joined museum work among the participating museums, and the importance of the broader muse- um objects’ presentation. Not only multi-layered ob- jects enable the visitors to relate easily to them and to start slowly perceiving museum as their place; they show the national or regional heritage in a broader, European, and even more valuable perspective. It is a win-win situation for museums.
Through bridging-the-gap and initiating the museum as a safe place of interactions, change of perception occurred also with the young adults. Be- fore coming to the EuroVision Lab. workshops, they still carried the museums mapped in their mind as dull, dusty and quiet, whereas people working in mu- seums as unreachable, uninterested and foreign to the audience. The goal was to change this through the whole process and to demonstrate, museums can be useful and fun, and the people working there

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