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organization to assure the relaxed atmosphere. How- ever, to reach the quality of museum work and further exhibition work, it was vital to include the training for both of the participating groups, next to reassuring the pleasant atmosphere and spacious environment.
Therefore, two whole day training sessions were organized based on EMEE workshop set, ad- justed for the needs of each group separately. At the beginning, museum experts and young adults met separately with slightly different focus on different EMEE Workshops, set, adjusted for the needs of each group separately. At the beginning, museum experts and young adults met separately with slightly differ- ent focus on different EMEE workshops, to be able to perform the 'Speed Dating Game' as a  nal and third meeting, where both groups were joined. For that purpose, museum curators have met once a month, for minds-on oriented workshops, dealing with top- ics such as reinterpretation of museum objects and multi-layered presentations of museum objects; help of scenography in telling those hidden stories of the objects; museums as social arenas; and bridging-the- gap with the visitors and reaching towards the non- visitors. Their task was to work together in groups on the spot, pre-selecting the most suitable and repre-
sentative museum object that has special value to its museum on one hand, as well as rich multi-layered meanings, which are often overlooked, on the other. Workshops were planned once a month in order to set the steady meeting date and to ensure adequate time for individual work after the workshops. Through minds-on activities, the curators did not prepare only for the game with the young, but at the same time they also started treating their objects from their mu- seum from another perspective – the broader one.
Simultaneously, within only a few days of dif- ference, also a group of young adults was meeting on EMEE Workshops. Since the young were the  nal selectors of the objects, as well as the ones, who were creating the exhibition in cooperation with the EMEE partner in the end, the emphasis of the minds- on activities were given on slightly different topics to equip them for their tasks. Again, the knowledge on multi-layered objects was important for them to recognize the quality of presented objects during the 'Speed Dating Game'. The use of scenography was very important in order for them to tempt the mean- ings and transnational story of the selected objects. Finally, they needed to get an insight into usage of social web in the museum and museum work, to be

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