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6. Kinds of collaboration
'Museum Speed Dating' could not work without open-minded and playful museum experts from oth- er museums, willing to go down the unknown and willing to work on pre-game EMEE Workshops and training. Therefore, the support of other museums was needed, which were mostly already established members of EMEE working group. However, some museums participated for the  rst time, due to the pre-game EMEE training and workshops.
At the same time, a good base for non-visitors invitation needed to be established. EMEE partner 7 invited the young adults from already established re- lationship, participating in their non-visitors research (done in 2014), university students from humanistic studies (museology, anthropology, museum pedago- gy, history...), unemployed and people with hearing impairment. For both, museums and young adults, they made an open call with 15 places for each group, to assure the group work and make a sense of be- longing possible, as well as to enable the 'Museum Speed Dating Game' to be one-on-one.
7. Abstract & goals
'Speed Dating Game' is a well-known matchmaking game, in order for single people to be able to meet many new people and meet them in a limited period of time in person, one-on-one. However, through time this game was already adjusted, rearranged, adopted to reach other goals and to  t into new contexts. This is also how we came to an idea, to use and adopt the concept of the game to our situation, where it was used as a tool on the way towards an experimental exhibition. In this way, 'Museum Speed Dating Game' was a part of the EMEE experimental process, called the EuroVision Lab.
15 museum experts and 15 young adults were placed in one large room in the hosting museum (Na- tional Museum of Contemporary History) behind one large table and measured their time together while they were talking – each pair had 3 minutes of time to talk. What did they talk about? About museum ob- jects, of course. Curators’ task was to impress, and persuade the young adults that their object is the most powerful, relatable, multi-layered and interest- ing.Time limitation was good, in order to avoid lengthy explanations, and to keep the adrenalin going, even

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