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1. Activity title
'Museum Speed Dating Game' – a new way to bridge the gap between museums and (non-)visitors
2. Type of Museum or institution n where the activity took place
National Museum of Contemporary History, Ljublja- na, Slovenia.
3. Activity length
Half-day activity with 2 months of preparations.
4. Target audiences
Target group of 'Museum Speed Dating Game' on one hand were museum experts, especially curators; and young adults, aged between 18 and 35 (muse- um’s non-visitors) on the other. The goal was to place the curators into an unknown situation, out of their comfort zone, where they needed to persuade the young adults one-on-one with their multi-layered mu- seum object. At the same time, it gave non-visitors the strength to select, what they wish to see at the exhibition and to see and be acquainted with muse- um staff. Later on, the non-visitors worked on their selected objects in order to prepare an exhibition.
5. Funds
The cost of the game was not very expensive; how- ever, it is time-consuming and takes at least two persons employed for a full time during 2 months of preparations and relation establishment. Approximate percentage of EMEE budget was 50%.

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