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or potential, to feel they can offer their contribution to shared knowledge through the exchange of experi- ences’. Thus, museums are asked to become a ‘wel- coming place’; they should make efforts to shape a new generation of visitors and improve their ability to think critically.
To come to a conclusion, both the discussion of the focus group and the survey showed that the EMEE project addressed questions that are extremely important for the further development of museums in the direction of European perspectives. Moreover, it became evident that the concept of the COP offers a solid foundation for tackling these problems. In par- ticular, the re-interpretation of objects from a transre- gional and European perspective was considered to be helpful in terms of allowing multicultural societies across Europe to become involved in the discussion of our European cultural heritage and European identity.
For more detail information, please download 'The EU Project "Museums Exhibiting Europe" (EMEE) – Ideas, Results, Outlooks', pp. 115-118.

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