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Of particular importance for the evaluation of the project was the question of whether the muse- um experts considered the COP concept, which was promoted using the Toolkits and the corresponding workshops, to be actually viable and innovative in a practical context. To answer this question, the last item of the survey asked the respondents about the professional bene ts they had gained from the EMEE tools and methods. This last and open-ended ques- tion aimed to record the impact of the EMEE Change of Perspective on the respondents’ work.
As shown in the chart, 20 respondents per- ceived the ‘European re-interpretation’ of the existing museum collection to be the most important element of innovation of the EMEE project. Moreover, the is- sue of using social web strategies was considered to be of similar importance and was mentioned ten times. Other responses included the aspect of ‘bridg- ing-the-gap’ to new groups of visitors (mentioned seven times), and ‘scenography’ (mentioned three times). The museum as ‘Social Arena’ was consid- ered to be important only by one respondent.

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