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The EMEE project is supposed to be realised by a European interdisciplinary and trans-sectional consor- tium, led by the University of Augsburg in Germany (Chair of History Didactics) and composed by excel- lent partners from Bulgaria (National History Museum),
France (ESPÉ de l’académie de Créteil-UPEC), Ger- many/Stuttgart (Atelier Brückner), Italy (Università degli Studi Roma Tre), Portugal (Museu Nacional de Arqueologia), Slovenia (National Museum of Contem- porary History) and Austria (monochrom Kunstverein).
Partner 1: Germany
University of Augsburg
Partner 5: Italy
Università Degli Studi Roma Tre
Partner 2: Germany
Partner 3: Bulgaria
National Museum of History
Partner 7: Slovenia
National Museum of Contemporary History
Partner 4: France
ESPÉ de l’académie de Créteil-UPEC
Partner 6: Portugal
Museu Nacional de Arqueologia
Partner 8: Austria
Kunstverein monochrom

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