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In this e-book you will  nd icons that open interactive content: (Note: to access some of the hyperlinks you will need an internet connection.)
Image Gallery
Augmented Reality (AR) – Use it also in the e-book cover.
How to use Augmented Reality (AR) – Aurasma
Download Aurasma Lite App for iPhone/iPad, from the AppStore, or for Android from the Play Store.
Open Aurasma in your device and search for the 'EMEE' channel. Then, choose Follow.
Point your devide at the trigger images with the
icon and watch the images come to life with video or other content.
Interact with the content by touching the screen or the buttons in your device.
Download this e-book in alternative formats: PDF, HTML and EPUB.
Online version at:
This e-book is based primarily on the EMEE website and on Schumann, J., Popp, S., Mayer-Simmet, O., Schilling, S. and Wolf, D. (2016), The EU Project ‘Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE): Ideas, Results, Outlooks, Vienna: edition mono/monochrom.

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