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One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions
Nuove prospettive nella comunicazione museale
This workshop is designed for the museum operators interested in experiencing a new approach in museum education aimed at opening multidimen- sional perspectives on the history and culture of both the single European countries as well as on Europe as a whole through the presentation of the museum object. The activities proposed in the workshop ex- periment the EMEE transnational perspective, also encouraging participants to develop new strategies to
engage museum audiences. 20 November 2015
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All roads lead to Rome:
Una lettura europea del patrimonio culturale.
This workshop is based on the exemplary mod- ule ‘All roads lead to Rome’, designed by the Italian team of the EMEE project to introduce and put to
work the three EMEE Changes of Perspective. It was held in the Archaeological park of the Appia Antica with the bachelor and graduate students of the Cen- tro di Didattica Museale.
EuroVision. A symposium on the EMEE Change of Perspective
Museum professionals and operators were welcomed to participate in a Symposium/Round table organised by the Centre for Museum Education, Uni- versity of Roma Tre. It introduced the EMEE project and engaged different experiences of the museum to share their views in a round table. The discussion on the challenges of the museum of the future was en- riched by the contribution of Prof. Han van der Meer from the Delft University of Technology.
17 June 2015

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