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As a University partner, the Center for Museum Edu- cation of Roma Tre concentrated on organizing work- shops to promote the ideas of the EMEE project dur- ing its EuroVision Lab. With the help of the Roma Tre University’s EMEE partners network, which consisted of renowned museums and institutions, and the help of the project’s link to CECA, which is one of the most productive committees of ICOM and presided over by Prof. Emma Nardi, the Italian partners succeeded in reaching out to and involving a broader network of international museum professionals, but also the gen- eral public.
With regard to the Italian Lab. activities, one central element was a workshop series entitled Ex- periencing the Change of Perspective. These work- shops were organized in cooperation with the Museo Nazionale Romano Terme di Diocleziano (National Ro- man Museum – Baths of Diocletian), and the Archivio Antonio Cederna. During the  rst workshop, partici- pants received training on the implementation of a laboratory activity aimed at designing an Exemplary COP-unit. The second workshop of this series, whose
motto was All Roads lead to Rome, took place at the Appian Way Archaeological Park and was based on the Exemplary COP-unit referring to the same topic.
Another major task of the Italian EuroVision Lab. activities revolved around the discussion of the EMEE concept with museum professionals during a sympo- sium at Roma Tre in June 2015. The wider context of the symposium was the ICOM General Conference in Milan 2016. Moreover, and with the goal of reaching out to a wider public, the Center for Museum Educa- tion organized an international conference that dealt exclusively with the EMEE project and was entitled Una prospettiva internazionale per i musei europei.
Photo: © University Roma Tre, Università Degli Studi

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