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‘Europe at the museum. A change of perspectives and role modi cation at the museum’. Sucessfull LAB-Workshop presented by the ‘Bayerische Museumsakademie’ on 23/10/2015 in cooperation with the Augsburg EMEE team. Download [PDF]
Cultural heritage controversial. Challenges for museums in the 21st century. EuroVision Lab lectures series and seminar for master students in Augsburg/Germany gave a lot of impulses. Download [PDF]
How to re-interpret museum objects in an European way? Keynote of Susanne Popp and Jutta Schumann from the University of Augsburg as part of the lecture series ‘Forum Musealisierung’, 3rd February 2016. Download [PDF]
EuroVision Lab. in Germany: Two exhibitions in uenced and supported by EMEE will be opened in Kaufbeuren and Marktoberdorf on 17th and 18th March 2016: ‘About having to leave ... and arriving’ and ‘European traces in Markoberdorf’.
Download [PDF]
Report about the opening of the EuroVision Lab. exhibition ‘About having to leave...and arrive’ at the city museum Kaufbeuren/Germany on 17th March 2017. Download [PDF]
Vernissage of the EuroVisionLab. Exhibition ‘European traces in Marktoberdorf’ on 18th March 2016 in Markoberdorf/Germany. Download [PDF]

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