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During its EuroVision Lab. activities, the German part- ner, namely the University of Augsburg, tested the implementation of the EMEE concept especially in three regional city museums, with the re-interpreta- tion of objects and topics from a regional and Euro- pean perspective being the main focus.
The EMEE partners, namely the Stadtmuseum Marktoberdorf (City Museum Marktoberdorf) and the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund (Museum of Art and Cultural History Dortmund) showed selected examples of museum objects for which they had developed a new European/transre- gional perspective in addition to the previous region- ally-oriented object interpretation. Furthermore, the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund and the Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren (City Museum Kaufbeuren) organized exhibitions with transregional topics: The exhibition entitled The Münsterstraße. Dortmund’s Colourful Pavement analyzed the multi- cultural background and history of the street’s inhabit- ants, while the City Museum Kaufbeuren presented stories of migration, with the members of local com-
munities serving as the narrators. Both exhibitions were organized as projects that encouraged proactive participation. Citizens of the two cities were invited to work as co-curators and added their own ideas and perspectives to the exhibitions.
Apart from this cooperation with regional mu- seums, the EuroVision Lab. of the University of Augs- burg included lectures and workshops to spread and promote the ideas of the COP concept. In this context, special emphasis was put on a lecture series that was organized in collaboration with the Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg (Art Collections and Museums Augsburg) and entitled Cultural Heritage Controver- sial – Challenges for Museums in the 21st Century. Seven internationally renowned museum experts discussed with Augsburg’s audience about the future role of museums in view of the rapidly changing Euro- pean societies. Moreover, during the EuroVision Lab. stage, the EMEE partner from Augsburg executed several workshops where multipliers learned more about the idea to re-interpret museum objects from a regional and European perspective. The workshops

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