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history museum, contemporary artist Marie Hendriks showed her work, which was dedicated to cultural transmutations between Chinese and European chi- noiserie. Her art project was also made a subject of discussion during visitor workshops. Moreover, con- temporary artist Jérôme Progin explored the  ndings of coins from numerous European locations on the battle eld of Peene and put his work up for debate at the Maison de la Bataille Noordpeene.
While planning their Lab. activities, the EMEE partners from the Paris-Est Créteil University were able to bene t from their cooperation with the Feder- ation of Visual Artists and Authors Network (FRAAP), which had been intensi ed during several workshops over the course of the duration of the project. Further- more, and as part of their Lab. activities, the French partners showed the Young Scenographers Contest and its concepts of how to present transregionally re- interpreted objects at four locations in Paris.
Photo: © ESPÉ de l’académie de Créteil-UPEC , France
‘The project´s international scope was decisive in rais- ing our awareness of the problems shared, for exam- ple on the restricted historical reading of objects pre- sent in national or regional collections, the existence of a shared European culture and the dif culties in reaching certain target groups of people.’
Report of EMEE partner ESPÉ de l’académie de Créteil-UPEC on the EMEE project

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