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Testing the concept’s viability in a practical set- ting was considered as an essential part of the EMEE project. Finally, to ensure the sustainability of the re- sults, the EMEE project created a modular scheme of development that allows the ‘evolving’ museums in question to  nd their own way – step by step and in due consideration of their particular conditions and possibilities – to gain a multi-perspective, transregion- al re-interpretation of their existing collections and to attract new visitor groups in order to integrate their perspectives. This, then, is what corresponds to the EMEE’s ‘EuroVision’ of museums in the 21st century.
The EMEE coordination team Susanne Popp, Susanne Schilling, Oliver Mayer-Simmet, Jutta Schumann
— worked with history museums that had no pre-existing link to European or transnational history
— worked with existing local collections —combined the development of theoretical strategies with practical experience and put
a strong focus on practical applicability
— created a modular concept of museum devel- opment that helps museums  nd their own way in line with their speci c conditions, re-
quirements and priorities
— was based on the fundamental concepts of
History Didactics that provide multi-layered and differing notions of meaning and identity – the Change of Perspective (COP).

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