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fraction of museum visitors and as a consequence, a focus group comprised of this particular audience had been created. Several of those young adults selected their favorite objects, which could all be re-interpreted from a transregional/European perspective. They also pitched in with their ideas for conceptualizing the ex- hibition and assisted with the exhibition’s catalogue and the accompanying program. The exhibition itself encouraged visitors to touch the objects, to engage with them and to conduct their own research. During the Museum Tea Parties that were hosted directly in the exhibition area looking like a living room, young visitors and experts discussed their ideas for the mu- seum as an institution of the future.
While the EuroVision Lab.s were still exhibited, the Slovenian partners also worked on a series of pic- tures that would be shown as a touring exhibition by other partners of the EMEE network. This series of pictures showed statements from museum experts and visitors alike and put the transregional/European meaning of a given object up for debate. Its tagline was Museums – the Creative Laboratories and while it has been shown at three different museums so far, it is planned to be shown at another ten locations in Slovenia in future.
‘The exhibition that we are opening today and cel- ebrating within the EMEE project is what I always dreamed about how museums should be. It’s a place of sharing, it’s a place of accepting diversity and at the same time it’s a place where younger are meeting the elder people and where everyone is free to collabo- rate within the exhibitions.’
Prof. Kaja Širok Ph.D., Director of the National Mu- seum of Contemporary History Slovenia and EMEE partner, on the Slovenian EuroVision Lab
Flyer EuroVision Lab. in Slovenia [Download] RESULTS
Warm-up for the EuroVision Lab. in the National Museum for Contemporary History in Ljubljana: Museum ‘speed dating’ as a way of working with museum experts and non-visitors. Download [PDF]

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