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The exhibition Europe Through our Objects constitut- ed the central element of the Portuguese EuroVision Lab. Five exemplary objects were re-interpreted from multiple perspectives including a transregional angle and presented in an innovative way that encouraged interaction between the museum and its visitors and emphasized contemporary relevance. This approach was motivated by the intention to challenge and go beyond traditional methods of presentation and to adapt to today’s viewing patterns. The  ve selected objects constituted the starting point for workshops, as well as for a series of lectures and practical activi- ties. What distinguished the Portuguese EuroVision Lab. was the National Archaeology Museum’s attempt to lend an additional transregional and European per- spective to objects that had existed long before be- fore the nation states and the political ‘Europe’ came into being. Crucial to this successful attempt was the museum’s emphasizing commonalities between the ‘Portuguese’ objects and objects from different re- gions in Europe, but also the highlighting of extensive trade relations and cultural exchanges between these
regions. In doing so, visitors were encouraged to pon- der the question of a ‘Europe before Europe’ and to re ect on the contemporary relevance of the objects.
Based on research on underrepresented visitor groups of the museum that had been conducted pri- or to the Lab., the National Museum of Archaeology paid special attention to the visitor groups of senior citizens and young families. These visitor groups were taken into account not only with regard to the exhibi- tion concept, but particularly with regard to the ex- tensive accompanying program that revolved around speci cally developed workshops (one example is the workshop Europe Piece by Piece: A New Look at the Past for senior citizens).
Photo: © National Museum of Archaeology, Portugal

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