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The exhibition The Fragility of Tolerance played a key role in the Bulgarian EuroVision Lab., exploring and depicting the topic of the Bulgarian salvation of the Jews during the Holocaust from multiple perspectives and a comparative European perspective in particular. Apart from taking into consideration the topic’s tran- sregional aspect, Bulgaria’s National History Museum also incorporated an experimental approach. With re- gard to making the topic more accessible, the object presentation was strongly in uenced by scenographi- cal elements. Moreover, at many stages during the exhibition, visitors were encouraged to actively par- ticipate and to express their own opinion on the topic. In the spirit of participation, the museum had also worked with the 134th High School Dimcho Debely- anov, a Jewish School, in So a before the opening of the exhibition in order to learn about their understand- ing of the topic. Finally, the exhibition project paid par- ticular attention to a focus group ‘people with special needs’, that had been selected prior to the opening. With the help of this visitor group, the museum ex- panded its program to improve accessibility.
Photo: © National Museum of History, Bulgaria
In order to offer a re-interpretation of objects from a European perspective outside of the exhibi- tion itself, the Bulgarian National History Museum also showed selected objects in other areas of the museum, once again adding a speci cally European angle. As part of the project 'Follow the Road', for ex- ample, visitors had the chance to explore the objects with the help of an interactive game. Consequently, the project  rst and foremost aimed to address young adults, but also the above mentioned focus group of people with special needs.

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