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The public awards ceremony took place, organization- ally supported by the partner monochrom (Vienna), within the Designmonat Graz on the 7th of May 2015, in cooperation with the FH JOANNEUM and the Museum im Palais, in Graz, Austria. Four entries were awarded the EMEE Young Scenographers Award: 1st prize 2.000 € – 2nd prize 1.000 € – 3rd prize 750 € – 4th prize 500 €. The catalogue of the travelling exhibition presents the competition shortlist of 29 projects that were evaluated during the jury meeting: the winners (place 1–4), the 1st runner up (place 5–11) and the 2nd runner up (place 12–29). The catalogue aims to give an insight into the creative and sophisticated de- sign concepts of the international participants coming from different disciplines. Editors of the catalogue: Linda Greci, Uwe R. Brückner, ATELIER BRÜCKNER
But mainly this catalogue documents the Young Scenographers Exhibition that presents the eleven best projects of the contest – the winners and the 1st runner up – to an international public, and that traveled to different European cities: From Graz to Lju- bljana, So a, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels and Basel. (More information about the EMEE Young Scenographers Contest on the website: www.emee-young-sceno-
1st prize
Mirjam Scheerer (Interior Design and Scenography, Academy of Art and Design, FHNW, Basel)
Did you hit the jackpot? A multi-perspectival exhibi- tion on guest-labour in the post-war period
‘... the project re ects the Europe-wide la- bour migration movement making the visitor playfully aware of a multi-facetted historical event. The topic is smartly and impressively translated from a personal, individual level, into a collective, European issue and at the same time from content into space: Five in- dividual biographies offering  ve perspectives repre- sent the storytelling and the spatial structure of the exhibition...’ (Comment by the jury)
2nd prize
Stephanie Gindlstrasser and Johanna Köttritsch (De- sign & Communication/Exhibition Design, FH Joan- neum, Graz)
(Art) Europallet. The  rst European Product?
‘... the ‘(art) europallet’ as the centrepiece of the installation is a bold, amazing object choice. It is expressively set staged in an unusual way: It ‘ oats’

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