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Every workshop consists of a package, including the guide for the instructor and the guide for the partici- pants, as well as theoretical sections, work materials and worksheets, which are all ready for use. In addi- tion, the Toolkits are also available in case the instruc- tor wants to delve deeper into a topic or use some of the further examples which are also included in the Toolkits.
Contrasting to the workshops, the Study Module is more concerned with a theoretical approach to the EMEE concept, although it goes without saying that practical exercises are used frequently during the practice sections, which usually also give students an opportunity to consider the link to museums in their own vicinity.
The  rst 3 of 15 sections of the study module focus primarily on the basic questions of the EMEE concept, such as the theory of multiperspectivity in the academic discipline of History Didactics, the key elements of EU policies concerning the cultural herit- age in Europe as a factor of social integration, or the question of concepts of ‘European identity’ and how they are related to the varying regional, national and cultural identities of European citizens. The following sections of the study module include topics that, sim- ilarly to the Toolkits, focus on different key aspects of the EMEE concept.
The study module is characterized by the fact that every single section provides materials such as readings and exercises for students, which all make

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