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Apart from the  ve EMEE Toolkits, the Exemplary COP-units and the establishment of a widespread EMEE network, the seven EMEE Workshops and the EMEE study module occupy a key role in ensuring dissemination, sustainability and utilization/exploita- tion of the project’s ideas and its outcomes. In gener- al, the workshops and the study module can be seen as a contribution to the training, both vocationally and on-the-job, of experts that work within the museum  eld but also for experts on the mediation of history like history teachers.
During the actual working process of the pro- ject the workshops were mainly used for the col- laboration with the museums of the EMEE network, with the project’s key ideas being introduced during these workshops. In return, the project team regularly received constructive comments and valuable feed- back. Moreover, the workshops and the study mod- ule facilitated the promotion and dissemination of the EMEE project (e.g. by conducting workshops during specialist conferences) and also found their way into the EuroVision Lab.s.
Photo: © Urška Purg
Five of the EMEE Workshops are closely related to the  ve Toolkits. They offer participants an opportu- nity to actively and cooperatively work in groups to become familiar with the ideas and the concept of the Change of Perspective and, most importantly, to relate them to their own role and the museum in question. Thus, the workshops are designed to inten- sify the interconnection between theory and require- ments in a practical context. The workshops that are closely linked to the EMEE Toolkits can all be easily recognized by their title:

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