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Toolkit 6: European Perspectives on Museum Objects. Selected Examples on the Change
of Perspective
The goal of the EMEE project is to uncover the im- plicit and often hidden European dimension of local museum objects and to visualize the intertwined character of local, regional, national, European, and trans-European layers of historical meanings of mu- seum objects. This approach requires the practice of the Change of Perspective in all areas covered by the  ve EMEE Toolkits. Furthermore, it demands the combination and linking of these  ve facets. As an il- lustration of the practical implementation of the work with the toolkits the EMEE partners developed so called ‘exemplary units’ to test the concept of Change of Perspective on single museum objects (or object groups).
Exemplary COP-units
The  ve EMEE Toolkits refer to these different levels of museum practice and show that the re-interpreta- tion of objects requires methods, which consistently connect the different levels of practice and take into consideration ideas from all of the  ve Toolkits when developing an exhibition. The EMEE team designed
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33 so-called ‘Exemplary COP-units’ that bring togeth- er the  ve Toolkits in order to demonstrate how the concept of Change of Perspective can be applied to the respective museum objects (or object groups). They serve as an illustration of how to apply the com- prehensive concept of Change of Perspective to the museum practice.
Based on Toolkit 1, the team chose 33 museum objects – with many partners laying emphasis on se- lecting objects, which can be considered representa- tive of the object types that are exhibited at many his- tory museums. Consequently, the time span covered by the selected objects ranges from ancient history

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