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The project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (2012-2016) was funded by the Culture
Programme of the European Union. It was ini- tiated and coordinated by the Chair of History Didactics of the University of Augsburg and implemented by eight project partners who had an interdisciplinary background and came from seven European countries. The aim of the project was to develop museums further  rstly through a multi-layered re-interpretation of mu- seum objects from a transregional/European perspective and secondly with the help of in- novative approaches of conveying the contents. Thereby, the project coordinators’ expectation was that especially national and regional muse- ums would be inspired to try out new ideas and concepts that would promote a modern and contemporary outlook of museums in today’s multicultural society.
museums that emphasize a one-dimensional inter- pretation of their collections in line with the (reputed) characteristic features of the local, regional or national cultural identity the respective museum is dedicated to. As a consequence of this practice, the museums in question miss a unique opportunity to evolve into a stimulating, protected, and neutral space where a wide audience is encouraged to explore, in a joyful way, the multiple layers of meaning of the exhibited objects by experiencing  rsthand a Change of Per- spective.
‘This project gives the museums opportunities to make objects talk through different perspectives and that is very important because a museum is a place where different points of view have to be shared.’
David Vuillaume, Network of European Museum Organisations

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