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Toolkit 3: Bridging-the-Gap. Activation, Participation and Role Modi cation
This Toolkit includes strategies that can enable muse- ums to create more attractive approaches to cultural heritage, in particular for those, who usually do not visit museums. This is also a crucial part of the EMEE concept. After all, strengthening the European dimen- sion of cultural heritage and opening up transnational and cross-cultural contexts can only be successful iftheinterestsandperspectivesofasociallymulti- layered audience are visibly represented both in the museum and also in negotiating the cultural heritage.
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The  rst part of this volume provides an over- view on existing ‘barriers’ against the museum be- ing accessible. The second part employs examples of best practice to describe how these barriers can be overcome. In this regard, including the visitors and encouraging them to actively participate are the key elements when it comes to the practical application of ‘audience development’.
Toolkit4:SynaestheticTranslationofPerspectives. Scenography – A Sketchbook
A multi-layered interpretation and presentation of mu- seum objects that simultaneously visualizes regional and transregional, national and European levels of meaning and encourages visitors to re ect on these interconnections and their own perspectives consti- tutes an ambitious goal that requires, among other things, the development of scenographic approaches that are able to provide a synaesthetic translation of the  eld of perspectives. Against a backdrop of dy- namic and multicultural societies, scenography is a vital element for strengthening the European di- mension of cultural heritage. This is shown by Toolkit four, which, in its  rst part, introduces basic param- eters and tools of scenography, as well as general

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