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did not focus on the visitor’s full participation (in the sense of user generated contents) but tried to  nd ways and possibilities to make the visitor get out of the role of the passive recipient and assume a more active role within the exhibition using other means (especially by including web 2.0 solutions).
The results of the Mapping Process can be found in form of the following different summaries:
An overview reports about selected best practice ex- amples, written by Prof. Dr. Valentina Ganeva-Mara- zova, National Museum of History, So a, Bulgaria. The selected examples have been contributed and analysed by all EMEE project partners. They can be downloaded as single PDF documents, classi ed under the following  ve categories: Making Europe visible (School of Perception); Integrating multicul- tural Europe (social arena); Bridging-the-gap (Activa- tion, participation and role modi cation); Synaesthetic translation of perspectives; Social Web and Interac- tion. Moreover, also a list of research projects as well as a list of references has been compiled by Prof. Dr. Valentina Ganeva-Marazova out of the proposals of all EMEE project partners.
For the EMEE project, it can be stated that it was an important step to review the trends that char- acterize the present of European museums. To sum- marize the results of the various projects and studies and to study best innovative examples and practices in museum work of different countries helped to get an overview about the state of affairs concerning the Europeanisation and modernisation of museums.
This résumé gives an overview about the key trends which become visible by comparing the selected practice examples.
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